Return of the Snowpocalypse: Day 1

We are supposedly getting 2 inches of snow today in parts of Georgia. Given all the media hype you would think the 3 horsemen of the apocalypse had arrived.

No sooner do I turn on the T.V. this morning and the news is stating that the governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, has declared a state of emergency.  Really! Is two inches of snow something that we should be fretting about?


Yes. This “significant winter weather event” is not over-exaggerated. This is a bonafide emergency but not from the anticipated massive amount of snow fall.

The snow fall is a minor issue and the emergency is not to be found on the road ways. Although, this is a valid concern given we only have 3 snow plows in the whole state. No, the emergency is going to be all up in my house. 3 days with no power, 2 kids and no Diego or Dora. It’s about to get real.

You can only pretend to play Uno with a 3 year old so many times before they start to grow bored. At this age Uno is nothing more than loose and fast color matching with all rules out the window. After Uno we will move to the next distraction on the list… Play Doh.

Play Doh will keep him occupied for another 15 minutes before he starts to eat it (which we also may have to resort to should our food supplies run low). Then  what? Answer me! Then what? This only buys us say an hour. What are we supposed to do with the remaining 20 or so waking hours?! I guess we will just suck it up and try to outlast.


We shall see how we survive this white terror. I will look to my trusty staples of coffee and stiff bourbon. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hold out hope that this does not turn into a suburban version of The Shining.

Winter is coming.



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