Holey Undies: A Humble Sign of Dad’s Love

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Holy Undies

I have holey undies. In each underwear pair, and in each hole, there is meaning. My underwear are a humble sign of how much I love my family (Don’t pretend dads that you don’t still have a few pairs of these). My love grows with every wash and wear cycle, and there is a lot of love in this man’s heart.

I realized just how much love I had about a week ago. I opened the top draw of my built in dresser and pulled out a pair of briefs that seemed to have the entire butt area ripped out. It looked like a wild dog had mauled me through the seat of my pants. My torn briefs had been washed and left as a tattered reminder of a once great fit(Thanks to my dear wife). It was something akin to dressing up a corpse. Had I really been wearing these things? I stopped for a moment to process the embarrassment. How long have these been this way, did I just ignore the discomfort? Why was I continuing to wear around a pair of undies that looked like my 4 year old cut them up with safety scissors? Lack of time.

Keeping Time

As our family continues to grow we face greater time demands from our kids. We try to balance the need to keep our kids fed and alive with shopping for basic necessities. When time is an available I prefer to not spend it strolling the aisles at Target looking for underwear.

It is true, I am operating well outside the acceptable parameters for under garment use. Men’s Health published an article giving guidance on when under wear should be retired and replaced. In short… if the elastic band sags or frays and if the color is murky or resembles a used coffee filter it’s time to trash them. I couldn’t help but notice there was no real qualification here for bloomers with holes in them. So I could reason that all holey underwear is safe to keep.

Keeping my holey undies means keeping precious memories. It is quality time I get to spend with my tiny ones before they are off wearing holes in their own undies. If wearing holey undies equates to time saved, and time is money, then our family is the Rockefeller’s. We have time with each other and money to spend on making new memories. My holey undies reduce carbon foot print and save us money to invest in more quality time. Those holey briefs are a glue that bonds our family together. They are a metaphor for focusing on what is important. Holey undies symbolizing quality time.

The next time you pull out the old briefs with the giant hole in the under carriage stop and reflect. Know that the hard wear is just a symbol of your love. Love of quality family time. Time that you can never get back. Stay holey.


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