Happy Birthday to Our Family

New Year’s Day holds a special place in the heart of our family. It was 6 years ago today that my wife and I said, “I do.” 6 years ago today we laid the ground work for our family. It has been a beautiful adventure.

We have lived in 3 states, added 2 children and dog. We have lost loved ones, said goodbye to old friends, and made new friends. Through all this we have clung to God and each other. We have grown in confidence in each other as a couple.

But, for me it wasn’t always this way. My wife has always been well put together. She has the qualities of a saint: patience, kindness, self control, meekness. Shes got all the fruits of the spirit and needs every last one to be married to me. I wasn’t so well put together and definitely not altogether at peace when I was standing at the altar 6 years ago. I was full of fear.

Most of my fears centered around my adequacy as a parent. Can I be the man my wife deserves and would she love me once she got to know me better? Can I do this?

The answer was no, I could not be a good husband but God could make me one. He could give me the qualities.

I thank God that he has done this and more. I am thankful that he gives both of us patience. Patience with each others short comings and failings. I thank God that he gives us perseverance and strength to face the difficult days.

We have persevered through many trials and will persevere through many more as we continue on this adventure. It is true that the adventure is just what lies ahead. It excites me to think about what future adventures we get to experience as a family.

Today is one more anniversary we celebrate. Today we celebrate our family and our togetherness. We light a candle and sing Happy Birthday to celebrate our story. We turn the calendar to the future and and smile and hug one another. We smile because we know that whatever we face we have each other. We have family. Family is a blessing.

I am thankful for the woman I call my wife. As sung in the hit musical Hamilton I have married the “best of wives and best of women.” I am thankful for the mom she is to our children and for the encouragement she is to me. I am blessed.





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