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The following is a letter of thanks to Starbucks for being the fuel that keeps this dad running. It is also, a sincere plea.

Dear Starbucks,

I can’t do this without you. Fatherhood is exhausting. Without that kick in the rear from your coffee I would be as useful as bump on a log. What I am trying to say is… I need you, I love you. I love the pick up you provide and LOVE the seasonal delight you bring with all your delicious holiday beverages.

I know I have arrived at the holiday season when Starbucks assortment of seasonal spice fills the air. It’s a smell that causes children to sing for joy and men to lay down their arms.

I envy those children, full of energy and life. I cannot get enough energy without one trenta sized spiced sweet cream cold brew. It is this cup of cold brewed goodness that keeps this dad moving. I know not all the ingredients but the thought of it excites me. I imagine it is made with one part cold coffee and three parts pure Christmas magic.

Speaking of exciting, we find ourselves in throws of Starbucks for Life. I look forward to this event and am always an active participant. I have almost collected all the current holiday pieces but a few still evade my grasp. If only I could get my mitts on that snowflake piece all would be right in my world.

I daydream of my world with endless coffee. Never again will I face a day alone trying to muster energy. Never again will I feel as if I am dragging my tired body around. You will enable me with boundless energy and will strengthen my limbs.

In closing… If you choose me as your winner for this wonderful sweepstakes you won’t regret it. Starbucks will you help me, will you be with me? Please provide your go go juice to help this dad have the oomph he needs to keep up with his kids. Please help me to find that darned Snowflake. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Forever Yours,

Drop Dad



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