Life’s A Bucket of Diapers

It’s either Tuesday or Thursday, I know this by the pungent smell assaulting my nostrils, a smell that increases in intensity the closer I draw to the door leading from the mudroom to the garage. In the garage this is waiting for me. A bucket of diapers.

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Neighbor Poop

To The Neighbor Letting His Dog Poop In My Yard: Thanks for Plopping By

Poop In The Yard I found dog poop in the concrete gutter skirting my side yard, a present from the butthole of my neighbor’s Golden Retriever. This is not Trixie’s preferred spot for doing her business. No, that’s nearer the interior of my yard. Gutter poop happens when my neighbor, upon sensing detection, attempts to […]

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Manhood: After 35 Years I’ve Arrived

If the reflections in windows, mirrors and elevator doors are right, then I look good. Not boyishly handsome but real grizzled man good. I suffered for years as the boy with the baby face, I shaved once a month with a one-bladed razor, and it was enough —now I shave once every two weeks, and can grow sideburns, a soul patch and a goatee –my razor has 5 blades and vibrates. If this doesn’t say, I’m a man let’s explore what does.

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A Labor of Lawn

God gave man the burden of toiling the earth. The homeowner still answers this call. On his simple plot, he plants, prunes, fertilizes, weeds, mows, and subjugates every leaf and blade, flower and vine. He is connected to his land and his neighbor, both labor in sweat in a chorus of cursing of the mundane. […]

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